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Apart from the little known fact that Lavancha roots are preferred offering for Lord Ganesh, during the festival of Ganesh Chathurthi , To many interested in natures treasures,  It is  more that known that Lavancha  is an excellent erosion control plant, has favourable qualities for animal feed, its extracts are used in perfumery and the roots are used in handicrafts especially around south of India .

Tomorrow being the first day of Ganesh Chathurthi , I decided to harvest some Lavancha (pictures below). Has been years since, I harvested it last time.  A batch of it still sits in the dark corners of my cupboard, spreading it sweet scent. Oh! and did I forget to mention it is supposedly well known for it  pest controll properties, hence a much better replacement for Moth Balls …

Havesting is pretty easy … Dig the shrub out  with the roots. Clean the roots of all the  mud, and then cut the roots off. Remember to leave little bit of roots on, so that you can replant them for your future harvest…

Axe Effect : Even after a few hours of cleaning the roots … my hand still smells of  its pleasant fragrance.
PS. Tomorrow I going to cool myself off with some Khus 🙂

Little bit of science about Lavancha

Chrysopogon zizanioides, commonly known as vetiver(Lavancha,Mahilya, Khus) is a perennial grass of the Poaceae family, native to India. In western and northern India, it is popularly known as khus

Due to its cooling and medicinal qualities Lavancha grass finds many uses to counter the tropical heat. Teaspoon of lavancha powder with water taken internally helps to curb acidity, improves the digestive system. It plays a vital role in purifying the blood and improves blood circulation. When used with sandal as paste it reduces the pimples and removes the marks.

The oil of Lavancha roots is extensively used in the manufacture of scented soaps, perfumes and incense sticks. The oil can also be used as pain killer or insecticide.

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