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Soursop leaves are an essential element of the healing powers of this fruit and plant. Some of the medicinal properties tied to the fruit can be made even more effective when using the soursop leaves. These benefits are as follows:

Soursop Tree

Fever :  The Soursop leaves have long been used in places like Haiti, Jamaica and the West Indies to treat fever. The leaves along with the juice of the soursop fruit are supposed to help cool body temperatures, according to the Raintree Nutrition’s Tropical Plant Database. In Peruvian culture, tea made from soursop leaves reportedly helps relieve mucous membrane inflammation, and the bark promotes cooling in people with fevers.

Digestive : South American and Caribbean cultures treat illnesses such as diarrhea and dysentery with unripened fruit, while the soursop leaves reportedly help kill off parasites and tapeworms when eaten. The juice also supposedly helps cleanse the body of parasites and dangerous toxins.

Cancer : Though there is no scientific study on human beings, the lab research has convincing evidence to support claims of soursop leaves healing cancer. No cancer medication with soursop leaves exist as of yet, but they are commonly used as a supplement during cancer therapy. Speak with your doctor first if you plan on taking soursop leaves to help treat cancer.   Read more about Soursop Cancer Truth, is this a Hoax? at

Depression : Some herbalists believe the alkaloids in soursop leaves can reduce depression symptoms by inhibiting the brain’s uptake of serotonin. The serotonin in your brain regulates moods and impacts emotions such as happiness and sadness. Research on soursop alkaloids indicates, however, that these chemical compounds can cause adverse effects in the nervous system and cause Parkinson’s disease if ingested in great amounts. So please use in moderation.

Sedative : A number of South American and Caribbean cultures use soursop leaves, as well as the plant’s roots and bark, as a sedative. The plant is also used to treat heart problems. The exact effects, or side effects, of such uses is not known, and no reputable scientific research has been conducted that can support these claims.

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  1. Would the seeds develop if I put in a greenhouse? Are there any markets in the NYC region where I can purchase the fruit? Don’t like the juice made from suppliers around here they add sugars and such you really don’t needanything

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